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Clients include:   Google, Apple, LucasArts, Hitachi, Macy's, Sprint, Hasbro, and Brøderbund.

GOOGLE ANDROID MARKET -  trade show video produced by San Francisco-based Teak Digital.

HITACHI VIVITI -  brand video produced by San Francisco-based Teak Digital.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC - In June 2012, National Geographic magazine filmed the world's fastest runner with one of the world's fastest cameras.

Apple Inc. rolled out the Powermac G5 in 2003.  This video was used to launch the product in stores. The music is throbbing, fast, heavy and powerful, emulating the product touted by Apple at the time as "the fastest personal computer ever built."


Vis-A-Vis, Inc. produced this trailer for the animated feature COSMIC SODA POP in 2001.

NIX NAX - produced by Vis-A-Vis, Inc. in 2000, this animated series emulates a twistier sci-fi version of Mad Magazine's Spy vs. Spy.

CORNER OF YOUR EYE - trailer for the independent film produced by Phlying Phrog Philmz in 2002.

CLOWN SUIT - a music video of an original song  for the film Corner of Your Eye in 2002.

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