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Teaching, Learning, Listening

Piano Teacher, Songwriting Coach, Jazz Theory Instruction, Music & Movement Specialist

I teach music the way I think about music. Music is sequential, experimental, and essential to our mental and emotional well-being. I think of music as a temporally measured sonic art with beginning points, mid-points, and end points, while our experience within it transcends our usual relationship with time. I believe learning occurs when our physiology and emotional being is calm and balanced, and we apply our curiosity, intelligence and motivation to seek greater understanding. This occurs best in an environment that feels relaxed, safe and comfortable.

My approach to classroom teaching is to lead with prepared activities that are designed to foster group work as well as inspire personal expression, but also remain willing and open to change paths according to the needs of an individual. Like a good improviser maintains presence, flexibility and awareness, I strive to practice the same spontaneity within the classroom in order to cultivate creative experiences, not just for the students but also for myself.

My teaching is inspired and informed by the Orff Schulwerk approach, with the goal of bringing out the innate musicality of each person by using games, chant, song, movement, folk dance, and drama, as well as learning and creating pieces of music using Orff barred instruments specially designed for the beginner musician. 


My approach to teaching individuals is with flexibility and compassion, and act as a coach and guide, assisting my students with finding their pathways of attaining their musical goals. My piano students range from ages 5 to 65.

I offer in-person lessons as well as lessons on Zoom.




University of Michigan

Bachelor of Musical Arts

Major: Music Theory

Minor: German

Classical piano performance: Louis Nagel, Jeffrey Gilliam

Composition: David Mayo, William Bolcom

Jazz Studies: Ed Sarath, Barton Polot


Mills College

Orff Schulwerk Certification Program

Doug Goodkin, Susan Kennedy, Sofia-Lopez-Ibor, James Harding, Christa Coogan, Rick Layton, Paul Cribari, Will

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